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This is Layer 6 by Will Ringland      Tools:

Week 11, Qualifier 2  |  Able Parris vs Will Ringland


Able and Will are backstage talking about keeping it minimal today, which seems a bit counter to their usual busy styles, but we predict it’ll serve them both well.

Able Parris lives in Carrboro, NC, and works at McKinney in Durham, NC, so he presumably spends his days serving the design needs of the Greater Research Triangle Area and his nights partying with Superchunk and UNC cheerleaders. Or as he puts it, "Able Parris is an artist and designer who enjoys exploring the mountains and seas with his wife, and personal photographer, Julia." Before the glamor of Carrboro (we hear they have an amazing artisan popsicle shoppe) he attended Rhode Island School of Design (our second RISDer in a row!), then ran his own boutique design studio in Providence. He has self-published two poetry chapbooks, and his collages have been published both in the states and abroad. He is also a contributor to and He played a solid qualifier last year and wanted another shot at glory, who are we to say no, especially since we dig his Guided-by-Voices-album-cover collage style?

Will Ringland doesn't exist. If he did, he'd probably adopt an obtuse pseudonym ("A.B. Mann") with which he would spend his time fabricating nostalgia, photographing anything that gets in his way, tweeting silly things and blatantly ignoring the Oxford comma (We will also note that he puts two spaces after a period, which is so pre-digital). He would also be a crack photographer ("crack" the adjective, not the noun, we hope,) based in Madison, Wisconsin; you know, were we to speculate, just to keep our college-town theme going.

Layer Tennis qualifiers are played each Friday at 11:00, before our main match. Anyone who's interested in playing can drop us a line with samples of their work. We choose worthy competitors and give them a chance to strut their stuff in public. Qualifiers have a chance to enter the end-of-the-season tournament (Last year, they did quite well, with one reaching the final match), and may be invited to play in a main match next season.

Remember, there's no voting or winner in Q-matches, we'll have a vote at the end of the season to choose who advances.

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Check out the Week 11 main match:
Oleg Pashchenko vs Adam Hill
with commentary by Matthew Baldwin
at 1pm Central.


Week 11 features two concurrent qualifiers
before the main match:
Noper vs James Donaldson and
Able Parris vs Will Ringland
(you are here) at 11am Central.

The Layer Tennis Blog

Congratulations to Mig Reyes, Layer Tennis Season 3 Champion. jc-12.20

Thanks to all the players, commentators and fans who made Season Three of Layer Tennis a big success. And thanks to the crew at Goodby Silverstein & Partners and all the folks at Adobe Creative Suite for making it possible. Watch this space (or sign up for Season Tickets or follow us on Twitter) for news about some special exhibition matches being planned and about Season 4. jc-12.20

Cast your votes on The Championship Match. Both Finalists will receive invitations to play in the post-season tournament for Season Four. jc-12.17

Here's how the voting works. Decide who you'd like to declare as winner and then simply tweet their first name following a hash mark. Either #mig or #noper and, this is important, also include #lyt in that tweet. We'll leave the voting open all weekend and announce our Season Three Champion on Monday. jc-12.12

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