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Week 10 Qualifying Match 2  |  Kyung vs Bean

Two Mysteries
Wrapped in
Two Enigmas

Layer Tennis guerrilla remixer Bean is back, you may remember him from a fun Season 2 qualifier. He suggested his Brooklyn neighbor Chris Kyung as an opponent, and we were suitably intrigued.

Chris Kyung's website is beautifully vague, with intricate line drawings linking to a series of embroidered/appliqued hoodies, goofy sketches, and what appear to be lacquered wooden silhouettes of unidentifiable geographic regions. According to this site, which features some great pencil sketches, he was known as "Naked Chris" at the Rhode Island School of Design and spent time in Chicago, but he currently lives in Brooklyn and works at a letterpress studio. He's also apparently mixed up in that awesome Exquisite Book that I keep meaning to check out. He's @chadsnacks on Twitter.

Bean (@revbean) elaborated on his Season 2 biography, telling us he's not actually from Antarctica. (Maybe he doesn't remember he told us India last year). After college on the ten year plan (eventually receiving a BFA and a BArch from RISD) he moved to a lighthouse in Brooklyn. Then one in Manhattan. Then two more in Brooklyn, before returning to school for two masters degrees (library science and digital art) at Pratt Institute. On the side, he does freelance design work for big, evil corporations. And occasionally, some not-so-evil ones.

He sent his own bio, and was kind enough to set it in third person: "Bean enjoys bright colours, cataloguing, old-fashioned cocktails, maps, long post-modern novels--though not so much the term 'post-modern', but does use snooty, affected British spelling despite a largely American education--writing sentences with lots of commas, which remind him of paisleys (his heart is covered in paisleys), fractals, full-contact foursquare, fruit, alliteration, and kittens. He uses the word 'kittens' to refer to all cats, not only the wee ones, and perhaps other small, furry animals as well, like squirrels. Bean thinks the twelfth Doctor should be played by a middle-aged black man, and would himself like to play the thirteenth Doctor, but knows they'd never cast an American. He did however play Bruce Banner in a Hulk comic book once."

Layer Tennis qualifiers are played each Friday at 11:00, before our main match. This season's booked up but you can still drop us a line with samples of your work for consideration next season. Remember, there's no voting or winner in Q-matches, look out next week for info on choosing qualifiers to move into the post-season tournament!

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Check out the Week 10 main match,
Tom Whalen vs Olly Moss
with commentary by Jeremy Keith,
at 1pm Central.


Week 10 features two concurrent qualifiers
before the main match:
Emory Allen vs Phil Coffman and
Beanbag Amerika vs Chris Kyung (you are here)
at 11am Central.

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