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This is Layer 1 by David Stewart

Week 13 Qualifying Match 1 Stewart vs Walters

Drag Strip

Two old-school designers with modern chops and a wide set of skills are revving up their engines for a white-knuckle no-parachute showdown.

We ask folks to send us some info for their bio, and sometimes they nail it and all we have to do is put quotes around it. Take it away, David Stewart: "I see this as less of a tennis match and more of a drag race. Not top fuel funny cars with logos plastered everywhere, but run-whatcha-brung Friday night drags at the local strip. No trophies, no spandex-clad Bud girls, no money, sponsors, hell not even glory. Just the joy of competition, smell of burnt oil, rubber, and gasoline." David's a user experience designer with roots in print design and advertising, and another good quote to explain how they balance out: "I've spent the last few years keeping both mistresses satisfied and the end realized that the perfect project involves both. If you know what I mean." Dirty! David and his 64 Skylark will certainly do very well on this strip.

Britton Walters ("Mr. Walters," if you're nasty) and this commentator go way back, and I don't want to play favorites, but this guy can do it all. He's a fine artist, comic artist, illustrator, ad man, designer, type designer, iconographer, entrepreneur, and even a pretty good interior decorator, all usually served with a bit of retro spin. You can see (and download) it all at his one-man empire I've watched this guy work and he can chunk out just about anything in no time at all, so he's been on the Layer Tennis to-do list for ages, and we're glad to have him here for our final week of qualifiers.

Week 13, Qualifier 2, Studio Nufabric vs Court Bryan is being played concurrently with this match! Be sure to check out Week 13's main event, Jakob Nylund vs Joakim Jansson live at 2pm Central Time!

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Check out the Week 13 Scandi-mania main event!
Jakob Nylund vs Joakim Jansson
with commentary by Joshua Green Allen.

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