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This is Layer 4 by Sean Dekkers

Week 9 Qualifying Match 1 Scamihorn vs. Dekkers

John Cougar Wellington

Today’s qualifier matches two American small-towners. One stayed put in rural Indianapolis, the other set off to see the world.

Aaron Scamihorn (aka "Ronlewhorn") is the sort of versatile midwesterner designer/photographer/illustrator we love to see here at Layer Tennis. How versatile? The dude created identities for both a shopping mall AND Wu-Tang spinoff group "Almighty." His variety of styles and skills should play well here. I'm a bit biased against Indianapolis ever since my scooter was stolen from the Motor Speedway campground during last year's MotoGP, but I'm pretty sure Aaron didn't do it.

This week, we meet the first of several Adobe Design Achievement Award winners competing for a spot in our end-of-season tournament. Sean Dekkers won the 2007 ADAA for live action with his dark short film "Vulnerant Omnes Ultima Necat." Sean's from rural New York but after graduating from Rochester Institute of Technology, he packed off for New Zealand with a portfolio and a can of beans and actually ended up with a job there. He tells us he's just as comfy with print as he is with film and animation, and we'll be waking him up early, so we'll be battling it out in two dimensions today.

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