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This is Layer 10 by Sebastian Ebarb

Week 8 Qualifying Match 2 Zeilenga vs. Ebarb

A Tale of Two Cities

New York City. Sheldon, Iowa. Sure, one has better pizza (Sheldon, duh!) but in Layer Tennis, a designer is only as good as his current volley.

Scott Zeilenga grew up in a small town in Iowa, went to school in Iowa, and (after a couple years in Rhode Island) returned to the rural life, in (wait for it) Iowa. He's a self-taught freelance photographer and designer, and probably the only citizen of Sheldon, Iowa with two techno albums out on a Dutch record label.

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Sebastian Ebarb is a freelance designer / illustrator (and a grad student at the School of Visual Arts) who aims to move people to action. He's comfortable with a mouse or a pen, and we hope to see a little of both here today.

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