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This is Layer 1 by Fuzzy Gerdes

Week 3 Qualifying Match 1 Gerdes vs. Reyes


Welcome to the first qualifying match in Layer Tennis history.
Game over! Check out the main event, Hunting vs. Ansara

Qualifying is admittedly a mysterious and complicated process here at Layer Tennis HQ, and explaining the system would take all day. In short, the rules are the same as the marquee match, the competition is just as fierce, and the artistes just as skilled. Either (or both) of today's competitors could end up in a main event later in the season, or in our end-of-season tournament.

Normally, we'll have two qualifying matches running concurrently, both starting at noon Central. Today, we're doing only one, but it should be great:

If there's a "student of the game" of Layer Tennis, it's Fuzzy Gerdes, he's been active in the forums and remixes since Layer Tennis was in short pants, and he surely knows all the tricks, schemes, and pitfalls that have won and lost past matches. Fuzzy's an Improvisor/actor/producer/ director/filmmaker/photographer/raconteur from Chicago (he reminds us "I'm also an occasional designer, and I do cross-stitch, too.") He asked us to shout out to his wife Erica, which is sweet, and I believe a Layer Tennis first. He tells us "My plan for the match is to understate my own awesomeness to lull Mig into a sense of complacency, then lull some more, followed by a little lulling, then a hoodwink or two, a head fake, and then I'll… wait, is the match over?"

Mig Reyes is a communication designer at WhittmanHart Interactive, and he's also from Chicago. While Mig lacks Fuzzy's multidisciplinary experience, he makes up for it in raw design chops. He's a well-known chocolate-chip cookie addict and we're hoping to see some of his great illustration and simple, direct ideas today. Mig also serves as the Social Media Liaison for AIGA, and he tweets as spigumus, so you might want to follow him, we'll see if he has any time to tweet under pressure.

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Check out the Week 13 Scandi-mania main event!
Jakob Nylund vs Joakim Jansson
with commentary by Joshua Green Allen.

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