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John Gruber's Layer 4 Commentary

Cracking Up

This is one of those shots where I keep flipping back and forth between tabs in my browser window. From the previous one, to this one. Again and again.

It paints layer three in a new light. We have answers. The cockpit gauges have gone code red, and with good reason: the plane is destroyed, our pilot is plummeting to, I presume, his death.

I like the cracks of the crumbling cockpit. They don't look real but they do look right. They're not cracking in the 3D perspective of the cockpit itself, but rather in the 2D world of the image.

Not sure what to make of the pink. You'd think the color of love would be altogether wrong in a volley about death and destruction, in a match (thus far) about war. But it works.

In the end, my eyes fall to the plummeting figure. And I wonder what he's thinking.

Play by play commentary for this match is provided, as it happens, by John Gruber.

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