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Jason Koxvold's Layer 1 Commentary

“In The Beginning, There Was Oops”

Dearest Hambone - was great seeing you the other day. Here's the script I was talking about. The working title can change if your sponsors need.

Synopsis: A celestial being as intrepid, if ham-fisted, chemist. In a hilarious twist of fate while trying to make tiny new types of pasta, he accidentally creates a rapidly expanding mesh of dimensions, and gives it physical properties including time, space, light (in different wavelengths) and some kind of goo (TBD, maybe we could do a cross-promotion with a toy manufacturer? It could come out of special guns). Maybe people could live in it - not sure though if they would be like people though? Too soon? Anyway.

Johnny Noper has been working on frames for the opening title sequence and it looks promising, if a little psychedelic. Will play well with the upstate crowd around Woodstock and perhaps in Berkeley. I showed it to my kids and they loved it too.

Perhaps we could cast Donald Sutherland in the role of the celestial klutz? If not, maybe his brother Kiefer or Michael J Fox? Pls get back to me asap, this is a hot property priced to move. Paramount is definitely interested.

Jordi Conundrum,
Director of Talent Development

Play by play commentary for this match is provided, as it happens, by Jason Koxvold.

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