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This is Layer 7 by Emory Allen      Tools:

Bryan Bedell's Layer 7 Commentary

Eight Arms to Hold You

Red guy’s not picky, he's just out there on the scene, macking on whatever mammoth hairy beast or cephalopod that will have him.

And here we see Weaver's risky plan might actually pay off. Allen's keeping on keeping on, continuing the story with another lovely volley, but can he win the match on charm and style? Does it all get a little predictable? Weaver has two more chances to steal this match away, and Allen has only volley 9 to change things up a bit or provide a surprise twist in the story. As the Ref, I've experienced just about every match firsthand as it unspooled, so I'm familiar with all the common #lyt strategies, yet I've never seen this gambit before, I can't wait to see how it plays out.

Still, it's Allen's story, Allen's protaganist, and Allen's style dominating 6 of the 7 volleys so far, so Mark's got some work to do.

"Eight Arms to Hold You" was the working title of the Beatles film "Help," which I always thought was a lyric from "From Me to You," but it's not. I kinda hate the Beatles, well, not hate, but I kinda think Sgt. Pepper killed rock and roll by making the U2s and Radioheads of the world try too hard, and I'm just kinda sick of the earlier stuff. But "Help" and "A Hard Days Night" are still two of my favorite films. So I'm going to choose a Be-attles song right? Nope, Veruca Salt stole "Eight Arms to Hold You" for an album title, and you get to watch their career fading fast right here, after a brief commercial.

UPDATE: That octupus only has seven arms. It's a Septopus!

Play by play commentary for this match is provided, as it happens, by Bryan Bedell.

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