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Bryan Bedell's Layer 4 Commentary


Wow, Mark’s kind of a jerk. And funny as hell.

Emory's all "let's be friends" and keeping the story cheerful, and Mark's taking every opportunity to squash him, literally and figuratively. This is great competitive storytelling, how's Emory going to get out of this? Maybe the monster will be back in a moment with two ice cream cones?

Mark's still doing a masterful job of aping (no pun intended) Emory's style, but at this point we have four layers in Emory's style, which isn't doing Mark any favors. Hubacek beat Draplin at his own game last season, but will that work for 10 volleys? and will it work for someone who some (not me!) were calling an "overdog?" I, for one, paid to see some Mark Weaver magic, and it better come soon.

Wait a minute? Is this a romance? Is that monster a chick? Well, she's gone, Emory, better learn how to face it.

Play by play commentary for this match is provided, as it happens, by Bryan Bedell.

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Congratulations to Mig Reyes, Layer Tennis Season 3 Champion. jc-12.20

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