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Matthew Baldwin's Layer 4 Commentary

The Grey Havens

I, too, am among those who spell "gray" as "grey". First, "grey" is just a cooler spelling--that's just flat out fact, yo. Two, everytime I type it I think of Erin Grey. If that's not win-win, I don't know what is. (And if Adam's capitalization of Grey is any indication, he too is thinking fondly of Colonel Wilma Deering.)

I can't speak for Cape Town, but autumn in Seattle has been thus far lovely, suitable for sundresses and bike rides. But we all know what is coming. One day the clouds will roll in an, as in the image above, smother our multihued existence in an interminable miasma of monochrome. It's inevitable. We are just waiting for the shoe to drop, as it were.

I had pitched this match as a bitter rivalry, but so far the contestants have been remarkably cordial. Now they are even sending postcards to one another, chatting about the weather and wishing one another well. I went to a fight and a pen-palship broke out.

Play by play commentary for this match is provided, as it happens, by Matthew Baldwin.

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The Layer Tennis Blog

Congratulations to Mig Reyes, Layer Tennis Season 3 Champion. jc-12.20

Thanks to all the players, commentators and fans who made Season Three of Layer Tennis a big success. And thanks to the crew at Goodby Silverstein & Partners and all the folks at Adobe Creative Suite for making it possible. Watch this space (or sign up for Season Tickets or follow us on Twitter) for news about some special exhibition matches being planned and about Season 4. jc-12.20

Cast your votes on The Championship Match. Both Finalists will receive invitations to play in the post-season tournament for Season Four. jc-12.17

Here's how the voting works. Decide who you'd like to declare as winner and then simply tweet their first name following a hash mark. Either #mig or #noper and, this is important, also include #lyt in that tweet. We'll leave the voting open all weekend and announce our Season Three Champion on Monday. jc-12.12

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