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This is Layer 2 by Tom Whalen      Tools:

Jeremy Keith's Layer 2 Commentary


Now wait a minute! I wasn’t expecting this. I thought we were going to be comfortably volleying classic movie references back and forth. Now I’m in the movie! This is getting way too real.

Clearly, we’ve left the classics behind here. Tom has dragged us into the present day with his big fat chunky typeface offset by that oh-so-hip bit of condensed lettering. It’s a bit jarring, I have to admit.

I certainly don’t have to worry too much about the warm fuzzies: the purple has been obliterated by the autumnal sepia shades of yellow and brown. I smell decay. I sense putrification.

The brush in the lower left corner is downright cute. That won’t do at all. Fortunately, there’s an uber-creepy winged pen nib to offset it. That’s more like it. I’m imagining an insectile demon gifted with the power of language. An unnoticed observer to our most intimate secrets that then scribbles its illicit observations onto the nearest scrap of paper, instilling a sense of paranoia and fear. I shall call it …the bloggerfly.

Alright gentlemen, you’ve set the scene well. Now that we’ve all seen the posters, it’s time for the main attraction. Take the gloves off and start giving us some Hitchcockian thrills.

Roll camera.

Play by play commentary for this match is provided, as it happens, by Jeremy Keith.

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