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Rosecrans Baldwin's Match Preview

Blood Will Have Blood

Friends, put down your bat-phones. Release that JDilla-edition iPad over the toilet and press flush. We are here to get real.

To witness art become combat and vice-versa. To spend a beautiful summer Friday beholding the gore/design fest known as Layer Tennis. Welcome, all y'all!

Our competitors today, Nick and Aaron, have played this game before. Nick Campbell, of Grey Scale Gorilla, is known for his command of motion and design. He was part of the Digital Kitchen team that produced a fantastic finale in their thrilla-match last season. You know Nick knows how Layer Tennis works. He remembers the blood, he knows where it fell, he relished its taste. Nick Campbell is no one's tickle pillow.

Then there's Aaron Scamihorn. Scamihorn. What a name. Imagine the disembowelings a name like that has witnessed! Scamihorn enters the match after boldly illustrating his way through qualifying last season to a semi-final dust-up. Friends, I've seen pictures of Scamihorn and they make me pee with fright.

This is the first Layer Tennis match where the gods have pitted someone who is primarily an illustrator against someone who is primarily about motion and animation. It ought to be an interesting clash of styles and disciplines. It ought to get downright mean. Thus, I asked Nick and Scamihorn backstage to supply me with their Layer Tennis Warrior Profiles. Here is what we got:

Aaron Scamihorn, aka, "Ronlewhorn the Red"
Special talent: Iconographying
Weakness: Tartanyan Tapioca
Weapon: Wenceslas the Wacom Sword
Accessory: Ocarina of Kerningshire
Story of mythical birthing: "The year was 1983. A dungeon in Kerningshire. Moon blocked the sun. Born in Leadingsworth to a humble typographer father and printmaker mother whom were supposed barren."
Battle quote: "Cry Havoc and let slip the dogs of war!"

Nick Campbell, aka, "Professor Science Battle"
Special talent: Breakdancing
Weakness: Chai Tea
Weapon: Rubix Cubes
Accessory: Giant Belt Buckles
Story of mythical birthing: "Giant waveform and chocolate cake combine. Then there was one."
Battle cry: "Gotcha sucker!"

Now, judging by their Layer Tennis battle cards, I'd say Nick the waveform-cupcake is about to get Wacom-Sworded in the buckle. But who knows? Nick's been a fierce competitor before on this stage. Anything can happen. Disciplines will clash, pixels will enlarge. AIGA's board of directors will weep the most perfectly kerned tears of joy. It's gonna be a goodun' --stay tuned and prepare to feed!

Rosecrans Baldwin's first novel, You Lost Me There (Riverhead), was published last week. He is a co-founder of the online magazine The Morning News.

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