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This is Layer 10 by Armin Vit

Matthew Baldwin's Layer 10 Commentary

The Do[ugh]nut Comes Full Circle

Oh my, nicely done.

As any defense lawyer will tell you, going last gives you power. But in Layer Tennis, that power comes with responsibility. We tend to like our matches with a narrative, and it falls to he who goes last to tie it all together. Or box it up, as the case may be.

In this case, Armin neatly mobius-strips the ending to the beginning, with the help of this CC photo. A deft incorporation of several elements, and a nice use of negative space on the left.

(Hahaha, I'm just kidding---I have no idea what "negative space" means, or any of the moonman language these guys have been using behind the scenes. One of them expressed a desire to " rasterize sans serifs diagonally a little better". I understand that about as much as I understand the appeal of autotune.)

And now a nation turns its lonely eyes to you, the jury. Voting instructions are right over there in the sidebar -->. Cast your ballot for either #stevens or #vit via Twitter, making sure to include a #lyt as well.

Thank you for joining us. If you'd like to see the Other Baldwin in action--as well as Nick Campbell and Aaron Scamihorn--our the second match of this doubleheader is still in progress. And we'll see you here next week for Joshua Davis vs Brendan Dawes. You can find details on that match--and the full LT schedule thus far--right here.

And with that, I'm off to get a donut doughnut some cake.

Play by play commentary for this match is provided, as it happens, by Matthew Baldwin.

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Today's Doubleheader

There are two matches going on simultaneously today. Make sure to check in on the other one too which features Nick Campbell playing Aaron Scamihorn.

The Layer Tennis Blog

Congratulations to Mig Reyes, Layer Tennis Season 3 Champion. jc-12.20

Thanks to all the players, commentators and fans who made Season Three of Layer Tennis a big success. And thanks to the crew at Goodby Silverstein & Partners and all the folks at Adobe Creative Suite for making it possible. Watch this space (or sign up for Season Tickets or follow us on Twitter) for news about some special exhibition matches being planned and about Season 4. jc-12.20

Cast your votes on The Championship Match. Both Finalists will receive invitations to play in the post-season tournament for Season Four. jc-12.17

Here's how the voting works. Decide who you'd like to declare as winner and then simply tweet their first name following a hash mark. Either #mig or #noper and, this is important, also include #lyt in that tweet. We'll leave the voting open all weekend and announce our Season Three Champion on Monday. jc-12.12

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