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This is Layer 4 by Armin Vit

Matthew Baldwin's Layer 4 Commentary

Pantsless Wonder

In my previous commentary I wondered how Armin was going to turn this situation to his advantage. As it turned how, he did so in the traditional way: by removing his pants. Always a game-changer.

(And following on the heels of my "behead" ruminations, I wonder why the verb "to pants" means "to sneak up behind someone NOT NECESSARILY MATTHEW BALDWIN AT THE AGE OF 8 BUT HYPOTHETICALLY ANYONE and yank down their pants" instead of "to sneak up behind someone and surreptitiously put a pair of pants on them"? I mean seriously, who writes these dictionaries? It's ridiculous.)

So much to like here, as is so often the case when the pants come off. I love how Armin actually made his second "S" little different from the first, so it doesn't look "typed in". I love how he created an entirely new industry in this volley, one centered around the lack of something rather than the acquisition of same. And I love knowing that my ass will thank me, even though I went on a 70 mile bike ride on Tuesday and, frankly, by the end, was pretty sure that my ass was never going to speak to me again. Fights between close friends are the worst.

By the way, "The Pantsless Wonder" is the superhero name I gave my son when he was four. His power was the ability to run around in various circumstances and settings without any pants on and be found adoreable, instead of being found in violation of his company's HR policies (as was the case with his father).

Play by play commentary for this match is provided, as it happens, by Matthew Baldwin.

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Today's Doubleheader

There are two matches going on simultaneously today. Make sure to check in on the other one too which features Nick Campbell playing Aaron Scamihorn.

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