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Matthew Baldwin's Match Preview

Let’s Get Kraken

Hey, did you see that Clash of the Titans remake last month? NO WAIT STOP! I am not telling you to do so--I took that bullet on your behalf.

I was pretty much contractually obligated to see the 2010 CotT, as the original played such a pivotal role in my childhood development. It was through this film I gained an profound appreciation for Greek drama, came to better understand the thorny philosophical underpinnings of theology, and got to see boobs on a 30 ft x 70 ft. movie screen at the age of 10. Of the three I still vividly remember a third.

And so when I saw that the new film was rated PG-13 for "brief sensuality" (as well as "fantasy action violence" and "some frightening images" and "Liam Neeson in a hobo beard") I was in the cinema quicker than some analogy involving that god-dude with the wings on his feet, Herman or whatever.

Well, it wasn't awful. But man, that was some brief sensuality, is all I'm sayin'.

Fortunately for you, you needn't waste ten bucks to see a clash of titanic proportions, as we've got one all lined up. Tomorrow afternoon, Friday August 20th @ 2 o'clock Eastern, Season 3 of Layer Tennis opens with LT n00b Matt Stevens squaring off against grizzled veteran Armin Vit, with swords and sandals supplied by Coudal and Adobe.

Matt Stevens is a brand designer/creative director for HAWSE, an agency in Charlotte, North Carolina. And it's too bad he wasn't put in charge of that Clash of the Titans remake, because this is a guy who knows how to rebrand. One of his most recent galleries, a series of visual interpretations of the classic Nike Air Max 1, went kind of Internet Supernova this summer. An earlier project, the reinvention of the iconic Dunkin Donuts imagery, was picked up by Brand New and used as their April 1st post, hornswoggling pastry-lovers everywhere.

That website, Brand New, is curated by none other than Armin Vit, Matt's opponent and one of the founders of Under Consideration. Armin is a designer, a publisher, an author, and a two-time Layer Tennis participant back for thirds (jousting with Sam Potts last year and Marian Bantjes in the inaugural season). Armin's next big event is the Brand New Conference, slated for November in New York City.

Matt won the Tetradrachm flip and will be going first. Once the bacchanalia begins you can follow along here, listen to the chorus at our Twitter Crowd page, and join the conversation by tagging your tweets with #LYT. And why not take this opportunity to sign up for your free Layer Tennis Season Tickets, if you haven't already?

Okay Matt and Armin, best of luck. Let's keep the images frightening and the sensuality brief.


Matthew Baldwin used to write a bunch on the Internet. Those were the days. He still pops up occasionally at defective yeti and Vending Spree.

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