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This is Layer 8 by Khoi Vinh      Tools:

John Nack's Layer 8 Commentary

Inversion Therapy

And through the looking glass we go--white is black, black is white; red circles go blue.

Mr. Felton, a delivery from Mr. Vinh: One (1) nicely wrapped package for you. Contents: Unknown. Isn't that almost the most fun part of getting a present? Even after I've unwrapped one, I keep my eyes closed for a while, feeling the material, savoring the uncertainty.

Deception, being kept off guard... I have no idea what opening this package might reveal.

Tangential (of course): Seeing Khoi's text, I keep thinking of the Schwarzenegger character in Total Recall, tossing a bunch of security troops the woman's-head mask he'd just doffed. Looking at them it said, "Get ready for a surprise!!"--then exploded.

Play by play commentary for this match is provided, as it happens, by John Nack.

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