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This is Layer 5 by Scott Hansen      Tools:

Jim Coudal's Layer 5 Commentary

Up and Away

The arch shapes that make up the vignette come from Shaun's geometric and now they have become a gateway of sorts.

We see through them to a new location and the grid pattern from the previous layers fades away. The photo is of a community organized in circles, it seems sort of agricultural and almost Roger Dean or Ursala K. LeGuin looking. Like a sci-fi, fantasy locale.

The whole vibe is very agrarian and with the headline, beautifully set in Clarendon, I think it's meant to set the table for a new start.

Or maybe it's Frogville from a blimp.

Note: I have always dug setting Clarendon in upper and lower case in large sizes. It's a joy to kern, the negative spaces it produces are organic and beautiful and the descenders frequently make surprisingly nice with the descenders above them. I dated Clarendon for a long time but alas, she never forgave me after that weekend hiking the Appiliachian Trail with Mrs. Eaves.

Play by play commentary for this match is provided, as it happens, by Jim Coudal.

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Congratulations to Mig Reyes, Layer Tennis Season 3 Champion. jc-12.20

Thanks to all the players, commentators and fans who made Season Three of Layer Tennis a big success. And thanks to the crew at Goodby Silverstein & Partners and all the folks at Adobe Creative Suite for making it possible. Watch this space (or sign up for Season Tickets or follow us on Twitter) for news about some special exhibition matches being planned and about Season 4. jc-12.20

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