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Bryan Bedell's Match Preview

“Dead Man Clicking!”

So says Aaron Draplin, who adds “It’s On!” But mere taunts won’t defeat Gregory Hubacek.

So much for the collaborative spirit that guided Draplin and Chris Glass to the first tie in Layer Tennis history. This is the semifinals, there are four top-notch competitors still standing, and —understandably— no one's feeling particularly collaborative.

Perhaps Draplin's looking to avenge Hubacek's upset of his Obama buddy Chris Glass two weeks ago.

Let's take a moment to see how we got here. Our regular season consisted of 14 marquee matches and 18 qualifiers. Fans chose four match-winners (Glass and Draplin, Potts, and Hansen) plus two qualifiers (Hubacek and Scamihorn) to enter the end-of-season tournament, which also included last season's co-winners (Inman and Koxvold), to make up our field of eight.

Since I was the organizer of the qualifying matches, Hubacek's making me very proud. It was impressive enough that he was selected from a competitive field of 36 qualifiers. Chris Glass was a tough first-round competitor, maybe the toughest. Glass has a solid fan base and two Layer Tennis post-season appearances, he could be described as a "star of the game." Yet Hubacek won over the fans by imitating Glass's serve from the Draplin match then tearing through a remix of most of season 2. Fan voting was close, but not that close. Hubacek has chops and clearly knows his Layer Tennis. Qualifiers, REPRESENT.

On the other hand, Draplin and I go back a few years thanks to Field Notes and his Chicago road-trip stops, and I'm a big Chris Glass fanboy too, owing him several favors related to the Breeders and goodtimes in Southwest Ohio in general. They're two of the most righteous dudes in the design world. So if Hubacek gets pummeled, I'll shed no tears.

Anyway, back to the tournament, eight is now four and todays two matches - the 2pm Central match features Shaun Inman and Scott Hansen - will determine our finalists, who will face off on July 10 (after a week off for Independence Day).

I asked Aaron and Greg what to expect today. The plan is apparently "colorful and naughty and not give a f**k." Old-school and gimmick-free. No themes, no promises, no safety net.

Sorry, that wasn't funny or anything. I'll get stupid once the adrenaline kicks in. And, yes, there will be soundtracks, that's all I'm good for. But right now I need to go write an explanation of why Steve spent a week making a 3-D coinflip video and you don't have 3-D glasses to watch it with.

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