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Alissa Walker's Match Preview

Double Dare

Another beautiful Friday in June, another double-header here at Layer Tennis HQ, another face-off between two worthy and proven adversaries.

One winner heads to the Semi-Finals next Friday to take on the winner of this afternoon's match, either Scott "Hands" Hansen or Jason "Cocky" Koxvold. The other will watch in amazement as his Power Mac G5 and all external hard drives are pulverized in a future episode of Will It Blend?. Truly remarkable, those blenders.

First on the court, but second to play as the result of the coin flip, is Shaun Inman, better known as The Inmate. Not because he's the only Layer Tennis competitor to play while incarcerated in a low-to-medium security prison. Because he was pretty much 'in' from the start. Last year's co-champion, and thus, this year's semi-finalist. You may have noticed during his earlier match that Inman has a creepy predilection for depicting goat sacrifice. Hence the jail time. And the protesters from PETA here today.

When not doing goat blood Jell-O shots, Shaun Inman is a designer and programmer who lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee (that's five pairs of consecutive letters for those of you counting along at home). His website analytics program is named Mint, and is every bit as refreshing. His own website is named the less surprising It's pretty sweet, too.

Aaron Scamihorn, on the other hand, has a name that is uniquely unpronounceable and therefore cannot be used for a URL or even in casual conversation. So we shall refer to him as the ShamWow, because he certainly wowed us all during his qualifying match with his uncannily accurate advice on time travel and photos of girls wearing Kanye West glasses (remember the DeLorean in that one Kanye video?). He is quite obviously dispatching his layers from the future.

ShamWow hails from Indianapolis, Indiana, the city so nice they named it twice, but then added the 'polis' when people got confused. He shows his stunning illustration, type and photo work on a site called Ronlewhorn and gets paid by a company called MediaSauce, which together make for quite a meal at Chili's on Tuesday nights when they also have the 2-for-1 Awesome Blossom specials.

My name is Alissa Walker and this is my second time in the booth covering designer athletics. The rest of my writing can be found at Gelatobaby, which is rarely about gelato and even less about babies.

The first head of this double-header is about to get underway, meaning I've got to pound both of these Go-Gurts and get back in the booth. This season, they've installed a direct line so if you've got something to say, you know where to find me.

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