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Bryan Bedell's Layer 1 Commentary

Phileas Foggbound?

The only previous-match-winner in today’s lineup, and a perennial favorite, Mr. Hansen is always good for a spot-on serve, and this one, in this narrator's estimation, tops his doozy from last season.

Jules Verne is truly the perfect metaphor here, Sadly, I just spent a week reading the wrong book, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Maybe Armin Vit will do me the favor of taking this underwater, so I can talk about how the title refers to distance not depth, and 20K Leagues is 12 times the radius of the earth. Mobilus in Mobili, Motherf**kers! Luckily I have Wikipedia, the poor man's brain. I see Fogg had a manservant, Passepartout, who sounds like a rehash of Arronax's Conseil. What's up with Verne and manservants? Was that a big thing back in 1800s France? David and Nathalie? CAN I GET A MANSERVANT UP IN HERE?

There's plenty for Vit (and future generations) to work with here, without it being too busy, and I find it all entirely agreeable. Good colors, good texture, good composition. One question: What's up with Duck Zero? Is that a Radiohead reference? I can name just about all of those typefaces off the top of my head. I bet that Thom Yorke character couldn't. Which reminds me, am I doing the soundtrack thing this time?


I'm doing the soundtrack thing this time. That could be a San Francisco skyline, but the colors and mountains are saying Iceland to me for some reason. Oh, man, can I find it? Let me look. Ahhh yeah, the annoying dude from the Sugarcubes with Mark E. Smith singing about cod. Yeah, Cod. (Warning: highly posterized, possibly nude art-boobs) To be honest, there's not enough Mark E. Smith in that mix, this is what looking for but the mp3 link is dead. So just skip up to about 3:00. I promise, that's the worst song I'll link to today.

Today's live "Layer by Layer" commentary is by Bryan Bedell of Coudal Partners.

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