Volley 7 by Marian Bantjes
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Play-By-Play Commentary

Did It Again

I cannot even get my head around how someone can design like this in Illustrator, it just looks so textured, and dare I say it, layered? This is what vectors were born to do.

The hairball returns and seems to be pulling a sheet over Armin's work, burying it whitespace. This game is all about playing with your opponent, about taking what he throws and using it against him. And she does it once again with this volley, bringing back the delicious parts from previous layers and mingling them with his latest stroke. Bet you never thought a Spirograph could do this.

This is playing out a lot like the relationship between Britney and K-Fed, except not at all.

Play by play commentary for this match is provided, as it happens, by Heather Armstrong.


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